Artist Statement
My artwork consists of the collection and assemblages of various incongruent objects and materials within the tradition of figurative sculpture and surrealism.  I improvise my own small “surgeries” and assemble provocative anthropomorphic forms, which both invite and repel the viewer.   The pieces created fluctuate between playful and inviting to grotesque and disturbing.  I do this by working automatically; I splice together images and materials and let the work evolve on its own without a self conscious guide of the hand.  The objects and materials used, within their new context, engage the audience to decode new meanings and associations. They are open-ended, but are filled with innuendo and connotation. Using sardonic humour, and the element of surprise and wonder I unapologetically challenge  views of sexuality, gender roles, and fetishes, as well as engage the audience to question their own emotional responses to these pieces.